Ha Long zátoka je bezpochyby jednou z nejatraktivnějších turistických cílů ve Vietnamu. Z klidné čiré hladiny moře vyčnívá velké množství vápencových jehlanů – v zátoce můžete napočítat kolem 2000 ostrůvků.

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Ha Long Bay is the most beautiful place in Vietnam. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and popular travel destination in Quảng Ninh Province, Vietnam.


Historical research surveys have shown the presence of prehistoric human beings in this area tens of thousands years ago. The successive ancient cultures are the Soi Nhu culture around 18,000–7000 BC, the Cai Beo culture 7000–5000 BC and the Ha Long culture 5,000–3,500 years ago. Ha Long Bay also marked important events in the history of Vietnam with many artifacts found in Bai Tho Mountain, Dau Go Cave, Bai Chay.


The bay consists of a dense cluster of some 1,600[12] limestone monolithic islands each topped with thick jungle vegetation, rising spectacularly from the ocean. Several of the islands are hollow, with enormous caves. Hang Dau Go (Wooden Stakes cave) is the largest grotto in the Ha Long area. French tourists visited in the late 19th century, and named the cave Grotte des Merveilles. Its three large chambers contain large numerous stalactites and stalagmites (as well as 19th-century French graffiti). There are two bigger islands, Tuần Châu and Cát Bà, that have permanent inhabitants, as well as tourist facilities including hotels and beaches. There are a number of beautiful beaches on the smaller islands.


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